martes, diciembre 05, 2006

Letter to Joss Whedon: Pilar Rubio as Wonder Woman (english)

Dear Mr. Whedon,

I heard about your project related to Wonder Woman. It is said that there is still no actress selected to play the role of Diana in your movie. Well, as a spanish fan I would like you to consider one more option.
Her name is Pilar Rubio. She is an actress (Isi Disi Alto Voltaje; Isi Disi High Voltage) and a reporter (Sé lo que hicisteis la última semana; I know what you did the last week; La Sexta Channel).
In my modest opinion, she would play a very convincing Wonder Woman. Please, check the similarity between some pictures made by Adam Hughes and some photos of Pilar.

In first place, the comic version:

And now, the real one:

Sorry, but I have had some problems to post other images of Pilar (computers do not like me), so I would strongly recommend you to visit the next links where you will be able to find more photos of this actress.

-This is a pretty smile

-I must warn you about...

-All my attention is for you. Please, continue talking...

-Cover in the magazine Siete: Wow!

-Magazine Siete, interior pages: Wow! WOW!

Well, thank you very much for your time, Mr. Whedon.

Best wishes,

Hator (brown coat)

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